Summer Transitions

Summer Availability

All School Loop sites will remain open for account holders throughout most of the summer. All of our features are fully functional during the summer unless noted below.

  • School Loop will periodically be down for maintenance or development updates. These interruptions will typically be brief, but we will try to let you know through School News if the system will be offline for an extended period of time.

  • School Loop Support will be limited in the summer.

  • We do not support Summer School.

New School Year Transition

School Loop will transition your sites to the next school year approximately 4 weeks before the first day of school. That transition process is completely transparent to all users and requires no action on the part of the school, though it's best to let us know if the start and/or end dates of the school year change by more than a couple of weeks in either direction. For more information about archived content, see our help page on Year-to-Year Archiving.

We do recommend that you put the following two items to put on your to do list for the start of a new school year:

Register New Users

District and site administrator may register new users. Follow this link for instructions: Register Users.

If your district is using School Loop's Directory Service Integration,  follow this link instead: Activate Accounts.

Clean House

School Loop highly recommends that you clean house by deleting all unused accounts.


Q: What happens to our accounts in the summer?

A: All user accounts are available for use in the summer months.

Q: Will School Loop be offline a lot in the summer?

A: We use the summer months to complete all non-emergency hardware and software upgrades as well as to perform routine system maintenance, so some outages are likely. However, all of our work will be scheduled during off peak hours and we will post system news announcing any maintenance work just as we do during the regular school year.

Q: What happens to all of our data after the end of the school year?

A: Websites are perpetual, so there's no concern about data being archived. Website Notes are the only content that is purged to prepare for the new school year. Teacher data such as assignments and notes are archived, but typically not until about 4 weeks before the start of the school year. Read more about how we archive content.