User History

School Loop's History Logs


User History Button.png

The School Loop system automatically logs most account activity by user and machine. These logs can be used to document account usage.

1) Click User Management, then click the role for the account you're investigating.

2) Click the user's name to see their Edit Account page.

3) Click the User History button as pictured above.

In some cases it is important to know who has been making changes to a particular account. Click the Account History button for this information.

Research Machine

School Loop not only logs activity by user, but by Machine and IP address as well. Your IT department can determine if the IP address is used by the school, but typically cannot pinpoint a particular computer.

Machine addresses, on the other hand, are unique to every computer on the planet and could be used to track down a particular computer. However, much can be learned from simply clicking on the Research Machine button.

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