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Register School Personnel

Note: These instructions are specifically for districts not using Directory Services Integration. If your district does use this integration, please see the Activate Accounts page.

Newly registered users will automatically receive an email message containing their login name, a temporary password, and a link to the login page for their site. When users first login, they will be prompted to enter a permanent password of their own choosing.

Register Users

Under the main navigation menus for Teachers, Principals, Assistant Principals, Staff, Associates, and System Admins, there is a a sub menu option to register users for these types of accounts. Visit the Account Types page of this section for a description of these roles.

Manual User Registration:

1. Click the User Management button at the top left of your homepage to see the full menu.

2. Hover over the appropriate menu on your homepage.

3. Select Register from the drop down menu

4. Enter the First Name, Last Name and email address for each user you wish to register and then click the Register button.


Newly registered accounts will automatically receive an email message containing their login information. Their name then appears on the list of registered users.

Mass User Registration:

If you have a lot of users to register, it is possible to do so quickly using a text file of user information. This feature is available for all account types. The format of the user file must be tab delimited with three columns: First Name, Last Name and Email Address. For example:


UploadList.png1. Click the Upload button on the page used to register users (see image above).

2. Use the Choose File button to find the user file on your hard drive.

3. Click the Submit button after selecting your file.

The contents of your user file will automatically populate the fields on the registration page. There is no limit to the number of users you may register at a time using this method.

4. Click the Register button to complete the process.

Add New Staff to Directory

If you use the Directory element on the school website, remember to have your webmaster add new users, by editing the Directory element and checking the names of the new users.