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Upgrade to Plus

If you love your School Loop Standard websites and want to take your school-to-home communication to another level, check out School Loop PlusUpgrading is easy. We integrate with your School Information System (SIS) and obtain schedules, rosters, and classes so that your collaboration and communication system is pre-built with essential information that saves teachers time and keeps students on track and in school. School Loop Plus includes all of the website features of School Loop Standard and more:

  • Parent & student accounts
  • Email for students and staff
  • Nightly email sent to parents and students that includes homework and school news.  Grades are included if you use our Gradebook product as well.
  • Student trackers and high priority groups
  • Homework drop-boxes
  • Assignment-based discussions
  • Team-based group system

School Loop Plus is used in districts to support the launch of complex programs such as Small Learning Communities (SLCs), Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), school-to-home communication, and more. Contact your account manager today for more information.