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In School and On Track

learningmanagementteam.pngSchool Loop is a Team Information System for K-12 schools. We help teams keep students in school and on track. School Loop helps the implementation of complex programs in schools by making sure that student-centric teams have the information and means to act together in the moment when it matters. These teams save teachers time -- the scarcest commodity in schools -- so they can do what they signed up to do: Teach.

The heart of School Loop is the Learning Management Team. This student-centric team is comprised of every adult with a stake in each student's success. With School Loop, each student has a support network: They know that they matter. And when people who know a student are alerted about trends like student's attendance, behavior or performance, they can intervene in ways that help teachers keep their students in school and on track.

School Loop was launched in 2004 by CEO Mark Gross while he was a teacher in a small learning community. Today, School Loop serves nearly 2000 schools in 25 states, including a strong presence in California, where accounts include San Francisco USD, Long Beach USD and nearly fifty other districts.

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