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Custom HTML

Only available to Webmasters, the Custom HTML element can be used to insert any raw HTML, JavaScript, and CSS code.

Embedding Code to Insert Content

calendar.jpg A common use of this element is to insert content from your old district or school site. For example, take a look at the complicated attendance calendar on right. Such a calendar would be extremely tedious to create using the rich text editor element, so copying the code from another source makes it a snap to add content like this to your website. In fact, you can use our free calendar generator to create your own customized calendar.

Streaming Video

You can also use the Custom HTML element to embed video from another site on a School Loop page. Sites like TeacherTube and YouTube provide the HTML code needed to embed videos they host on your site.


Just copy and paste their code into our Custom HTML Element and you've got instant video on your site. Unless you need to adjust the size of the video, there's no special knowledge required. Even adjusting the size of the video is simple if you know that there can be one or two instances of the height and width that must be changed. It also important to keep the same aspect ratio by scaling the dimensions proportionally (some sites, like YouTube, will offer you a choice of various sizes).

Here's a snippet of the code showing the dimensions (the final > symbol needs to be moved to the end of the first tag; code below is just for display).

<iframe width="560" height="315"> src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen </iframe>

Embedded Video Sample