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How to Fix Text Format and Link Issues

These issues can be related to the text format (e.g. font size, underlined, justification) but also with the text used in links. Below are the most common issues related to text format issues that can be identified with the WAVE tool:

small text iconVery small text
Increase the text to a more readable size.

underline text iconUnderlined text
Unless there is a distinct need for the underlined text, remove the underline or use some other styling such as bold or italics.

suspicious link iconSuspicious link text
Where appropriate, reword the link text so that it is more descriptive of its destination when read out of context. Remove any extraneous text (such as "click here").

justified text iconJustified text
Remove the full justification from the text.

adjacent links iconAdjacent links go to the same URL
If possible, combine the redundant links into one link and remove any redundant text or alternative text.

low contrast iconVery Low Contrast
Increase the contrast between the foreground (text) color and the background color. Large text (larger than 18 point or 14 point bold) does not require as much contrast as smaller text.

Locate the Page with the issue

You should be able to find the page easily through the navigation manager in the Webmaster Center either by expanding each section to find the page or through the full site map.

navigation manager

Then click on the Pencil icon to edit the Rich Text Editor (RTE) where the text located and proceed to adjust the text format as needed:

how to edit an RTE block

Increase the Text Size

Highlight the text that needs to be larger and then choose a larger font size using the size menu as pictured below.

increase text size

Remove Underline Text

Select the underlined text and click the Underline button on the toolbar to remove the underline.

remove underline text

Change the Link Text

The easiest solution is to highlight the link and delete by pressing the Backspace or Delete button on your keyboard. Now enter more descriptive text to use as your link, highlight that text, and then click the Link button on the toolbar.

change text link

Remove Full Justification

Click inside the paragraph that is full justified and then click the Full Justify button on the toolbar. The text will now be left justified.

remove full justification

Eliminate Redundant Links

In this example, the icon and some text are used as separate links that go to the same destination. Either remove one of the two as a link or combine them into a single link.

To remove a link, click the image once or click inside the linking text before clicking the Unlink button on the toolbar.

To combine as one link, highlight both the image and the text, then click the Link button on the toolbar.

eliminate redundant links

Increase the Contrast

Highlight the text with low contrast and click the Text Color button on the toolbar. Now choose a color with better contrast with the background color. Learn more about color contrast.

change text color